In 2012, Super Storm Sandy hit parts of NYC very hard, leaving lots of homes
structurally unstable from severe water damage. Bulls Iron was a major player in
NYC's restoration process and helped save dozens of homes that were unstable by
giving them steel structural support from the foundation up in a very restricted
timeframe. And no, we didn't charge extra for emergency services during this
difficult time, but charged what we normally charge on a regular basis and did
dozens of free repairs after the storm. This is because, as native New Yorkers, we
were needed in our city during a difficult time, and we value people more than
profit. This love and dedication is what separates us from the pack.
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Bulls Iron Works
2762 W.15 St., Brooklyn,NY 11224
There are many companies that can fulfill your iron work needs, so why us?
Bulls Iron has a few qualities that distinguishes it from other steel companies and makes it
New York's leading ornamental and structural steel provider. From 1989 to 2011 the Bulls
Iron family had been in the construction business till they decided they must work solely on
a specialty that they were able to uniquely refine in their business for those 22 years- the
ornamental iron specialty. In 2011 we opened our business focusing solely on Iron Work.
Being in the construction business gave us a unique perspective of iron work from a
designer and builder point of view. As construction contractors we had needs for
ornamental and structural steel. And before the creation of our steel fabrication wing, we
were completely unsatisfied by the work done by iron work companies we were hiring due
to the unsuitability of the work to our projects and our customers' desirable product. With
a third generation background in metal fabrication we decided to have our own iron work
wing, which we could implement into our construction contracts so we wouldn't have to
hire a sub-contractor.  From that point on, we built a superior team of metal fabricating
specialists that completed every job to utmost perfection. After 22 years, we decided that
our Iron Wing was such a success that we needed to open a new company which
specializes in just that, so we could focus all our expertise and dedication into the iron field.
And here we are today!
Whereas most companies in NY buy their raw steel materials from steel distributing
companies in the tri-state area, we have a partnership with manufacturers overseas and
buy the majority of our raw materials directly from them. This saves us, and thus our
customers, approximately 20-25% in our materials expenses. Most iron shops implement
classic steel machinery, whereas we use highly advanced machinery and equipment in the
fabrication process, which not only saves time, labor, materials, and thus money, but also
makes us able to fabricate at a much higher quality level, focusing on intricacy and detail.
Our newly added equipment includes CNC Plasma Burning machine, CNC Plasma Turret
Punch, Cambering Machine, Radial Plasma Shears, and various others which give us the
"edge" over our competition. We are always looking for ways to lower our prices without
compromising on quality, a compromise that a lot of other companies often make. As
homeowners ourselves, we know that a homeowner needs a reliable contracting company
who offers reasonable and affordable pricing on their services. And we make our best
effort to be that contracting company. Call us today for a free consultation and trust us,
you won't regret getting the job done from us